Fall into Autumn

In this issue:
·      Tips to Keep your House Warm
·      Self Driving Cars… did you know that
·      Fall Colour Getaways
·     What’s Trending this Fall
·     More Listings, Fewer Sales

Tips to Keep Your House Warm
Autumn is the time of year when the weather changes, and we start thinking about the colder weather to come.  With that we think more about buying boots, sweaters, scarves and everything else to keep us warm.  It should  also be a time to think about how to keep our houses warm.  Here are some tips to get you started:
1. It’s time to turn your fan around. In winter, your fan should run slower and in a clockwise direction. 
2.  Installing a programmable thermostat is a good idea.  Not only will it keep your expenses lower, but it’s more efficient as well. 
3. During the day, let the sun shine in!  Open your blinds and curtains and let the sun heat your house.
4. Once the sun goes down, keep your curtains/blinds closed to keep the heat in.
5.  Make sure your furniture isn’t blocking your air vents to get maximum heat potential.
6. Seal any gaps in your doors and windows. Door sweeps and door snakes can help under doors as well.
These are just a few ways to keep you warm in the cold months.

 Self Driving Cars… did you know that
The Waymo project, formerly known as the Google self-driving car, is a self driving technology company.  They have select public trials and test drivers in the U.S., and they drive daily on public roads, with their fleet of self-driving vehicles.  
There are actually 2 kinds of self-driving cars and five levels of vehicle automation ranging from fully automated to no automation.  Their vehicles use sensors and software to detect other vehicles, motorists, bikers, pedestrians and roadwork from up to two football fields away in every direction.  They are programmed to stay out of blind spots and adjust to unforeseen changes.
Their fleet includes a modified version of the Lexus RX450h SUV, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan, and a custom built prototype called the Firefly. Honda, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Tesla are all working on the driverless revolution as well.  Watch for Apple and Uber to get in on this as well.
 Statistics estimate that 90% of traffic accidents are human error.  This would mean that it’s possible to reduce traffic fatalities by up to 90%.  To learn more about this you can read an article on Science Alert.
To get a feel for what the future holds, you can enjoy some of the features that are out there now such as automatic forward-collision braking, lane-keep assist and steering assist and back-up cameras.  These are all great safety features available now.  According to Scientific American, all cars sold after May 2018 must have a back-up camera.
Even though we’ve come this far, there are still things that need to be figured out such as weather issues.  Will these futuristic cars be able to drive in rain, snow and ice?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  
The test cars are not yet street legal in Canada.  
* This information is from an article by Miriam Porter for the CAA

Fall Color Getaways
If you have the time, heading up to Algonquin Park is probably the epicenter for the colors of Autumn in Ontario.  You’ll never be disappointed there.
Collingwood and the Blue Mountain area are also wonderful places to see the season changing.
The Muskoka area’s rolling hills is also another perfect place to soak up the colors.
Going east a little, you’ll find beautiful fall foliage around the Thousand  Islands on the St. Lawrence River.  Check out the 1000 Islands Tower for a spectacular view.  Prince Edward County is also very beautiful in the Fall (and the vineyards there are amazing!)
Tobermorey and the Bruce Peninsula are not to be missed for their beautiful array of colour.
In my own backyard, there is Dundas Peak and any of Hamilton’s incredible waterfalls which are surrounded by beautiful color!
From Toronto, check out the Credit Valley, Forks of the Credit or Belfountain to see dazzling displays of color.
Of course, we can’t forget our fabulous wine areas from Beamsville, Grimsby and Vineland which are amazing and on to the Niagara region.
You can find beautiful fall colors just about anywhere and they’re definitely not to be missed!
 Spruce up your Home for Fall
I spoke to my friends at KHC Interiors and asked them if there are any Fall Trends for the home.  They told me more color, shades of green, blush and navy is the new black!  Pattern and mixed patterns, more textures like woven natural textures, butterflies are trending as well as brass and mixing metals.  Faux finishes, faux fur, faux wood are also trending.  To get more specific ideas for your home, or if you're looking for a complete make-over, Give Kim a call!  She’d be happy to help!  905-319-8899 or Check out their website:  www.khcinteriors.ca                       
(10% discount until November 30th by mentioning you saw their article in my newsletter!)
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